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Bluetooth Armfit Blood Pressure Monitor With ECG

  • Multifunctional Health Monitor: Check blood pressure and heart health with a single machine. People with high blood pressure are more likely to have heart problems.
  • Medically Accurate: FDA cleared device. In addition to systolic & diastolic and heart rate, Armfit Plus also monitors Mean Atrial Pressure(MAP), and pulse pressure, you can gain more insights about your blood pressure level.
  • Multi-User & Data Management on APP: Easy to filter and track historical data and trends of different users. Share PDF/CSV reports to your healthcare provider from the app for detailed insights. Data will be automatically uploaded when the device is connected to the APP via Bluetooth. (On iOS & Android)
  • Easy To Use: One touch operation, check your blood pressure and heart health in 30 seconds. Built-in memory, the machine can operate independently without mobile devices, showing information on its own OLED screen.
  • Large Cuff and Rechargeable Battery: Wide-range cuff 8.7-16.5 inch (22-42cm) majority of adults can use it comfortably. 4 months of use of the product with one charge.

Digital Weighing Scales Body Weight, Smart Scales with 13 Metrics

Scales body fat Lescale Lite has the app to help you see your trends via Bluetooth and other fitness apps,

DuoEK-S Personal ECG Monitor, Bluetooth Wireless Portable Heart Monitor

  • ACCURATE&HELPFUL MEASUREMENT - 30s-5min data storage, no switch design, one touch to measure. Detect potential problems early, arrhythmia, cardiac pause, atrial fibrillation (AF), tachycardia and bradycardia, premature atrial contractions (PACs) in 30 seconds. *Note: All these are displayed in the APP as "Irregular heartbeat"
  • 0.96-INCH OLED SCREEN&MAGNETIC BASE - The screen display allows you to instantly view your ECG trace, know your heart condition and protect your heart health. The magnetic base allows you to easily identify and place the position, it is not easy to turn it upside down, and it is quick to remove and place
  • HANDHELD ECG MONITOR - Small and portable, supports lead I (hand-hand) and lead II (hand-leg) measurement methods. It allows you to monitor your heart health at rest in your daily life (CANNOT be used while walking or exercising). If you feel unwell, you can monitor your heart condition anytime, anywhere
  • RELIABLE BLUETOOTH CONNECTION - The ECG heart monitor works with most smartphones and tablets and can display your real-time waveform on the dashboard. Data is automatically synced with the app when you connect the ECG monitor to the app via Bluetooth. Allows you to monitor your heart health at any time
  • FREE&USER-FRIENDLY APP - Unlimited storage in the "ViHealth" app, easy access and viewing of history. Reports can be reviewed for your diagnosis and treatment plan as a PDF file or shared with your doctor. 12 months worry-free warranty, lifetime technical support. No additional costs or subscriptions required