ORTHO-AID provides a wide range of high-quality orthopedic products such as braces/supports, footcare and medical grade compression stockings.

ORTHO-AID is recognized as the go-to brand as it provides the highest quality, at affordable prices to consumers.

ORTHO-AID offers clinically approved superior designs and aesthetics. Our products are designed for maximum comfort and stability. Buy ORTHO-AID products for optimal recovery & rehabilitation as well as for prevention, healing and after surgery recovery.

Move. Restore. Revive your health with ORTHO-AID. Brand owned by BIBA ENTERPRISES LIMITED.

Why Doctors recommend ORTHO-AID

ORTHO-AID products assure doctors that their patients are provided with clinically tested and approved products. ORTHO-AID helps you get back to your best physical condition as soon as possible.

Exceptional quality material

Material used for ORTHO-AID products undergoes several quality stages so as to produce one of the finest Orthopedic appliances. The goal is to produce durable, comfortable and effective products.

 Effective products

When developing and designing ORTHO-AID products, we team up and consult medical practitioners to ensure that we serve consumers with the best possible product in terms of functionality, quality and durability.

 Affordable products.

Affordability is a key factor for ORTHO-AID and the parent company Biba Enterprises Limited. We want to play a part in ensuring that our high-quality products are affordable for our consumers.

We play our part to ensure that healthy minds, bodies and environments are a reality for everyone, everywhere.

 Superior Comfort design

The products are designed to be easy to clean, wear, user and skin friendly.

Proper ventilation and use of hypoallergenic materials help to improve patients’ comfort and compliance. Appealing colors and design make ORTHO-AID products a pleasure to use and own.