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Ortho-Aid Children’s Soft Cervical Collar for Neck Support, Stabilization and Pain Relief

  • Neck immobilization.
  • High-density foam provides excellent cushioning and support.
  • Materials that are skin-friendly are used.
  • Increase the rate of recuperation.

Ortho-Aid Philadelphia Cervical Neck Collar

  • Molded foam collar that is light and comfortable.
  • Easy to wear two-piece design.
  • The tracheostomy hole is in the front.
  • Neck, head, occipital, and mandible are all immobilized.

Ortho-Aid Soft Neck Brace for Neck Pain and Support, Foam Cervical Collar for Stabilizes Spine, Adjustable Neck Support Brace for Spinal Pain and Pressure Relief

  • The Soft Cervical Collar support the instability injured neck and relieve the pain.
  • It is made of high density foam padding to immobilize and provides support to the neck.
  • Hook and loop closure can easy to adjust for a perfect fit. The soft surface material contains cotton can friendly to the skin, and absorbs the moisture effectively.
  • Provide a proper cushioning and immobilization for the neck and help to speed up the recovery.