Mobility aids are devices designed to assist those with difficulty in moving around and gives them a greater feeling of freedom and independence.

Typically, those who have disabilities, injuries and the older adults who are at a risk of falling (those with low stability) choose to use mobility aids.

Examples of Mobility Aids include wheelchairs,  walker frames, commodes, bath/shower accessories and canes/crutches.

Benefits of using Mobility Aids include:

  • Independence
  • Reduced pain
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Quick recovery (where possible)

Mobility aids range and differ according to their use in terms of the users’ weight, medical condition and how they can meet the people’s needs.

How do you Know you need a Mobility Aid?

  • If you have injuries or impairments that cause unbalanced gait
  • If you have limited lower body strength
  • If you grow tired on outings that require walking or standing
  • If you experience pain when walking or standing
  • If you have a hard time getting up after sitting or lying down

What to Consider when choosing a Mobility Aid.

It is important for individual assessment to be carried out for selection of a mobility aid (personal assessment is possible but a professional opinion is more recommended/preferred)

Factors to consider include:

  • Health Status – A professional’s opinion is required to determine one’s health status to determine whether or not one requires a certain mobility aid and which specific aid will be required.
  • Age – The age of the patient will help determine the best mobility aid for the patient
  • Physical Size – Our “Mobi-Aid”i are products available for people of all sizes, they come in suitable widths and varying heights in order to suit the users’ needs and ensure comfort and fast recovery.
  • Comfort Level – One requires the best items in terms of comfort in order to prevent further damage and to ensure quick recovery. Our “Mobi-Aid” products aim to provide the best comfort for its users.
  • Ease of Use – Here at “Biba Enterprises Ltd”, we understand that our patients have a hard time  and we make it our top priority to make everything easier for them with Mobi-Aid’s easy to use products.
  • Stability – Our “Mobi-Aid” products provide the best stability for those who use them.
  • ●        Safety – The aim of mobility aids are to assist in movement and prevent further injuries. With correct use of our “Mobi-Aid” iproducts, your safety is ensured.
  • Cost – Though not such a huge factor during a crisis, cost is still to be considered. Be rest assured that our “Mobi-Aid” items are cost effective and friendly to your pocket while still providing you with the best quality to be offered.

Why Choose Mobi-Aid?

“Mobi-Aid” products are:

  • Easy to Use, Comfortable and are designed to relieve the user of pain and aches
  • Effective and provide the user with a greater sense of freedom and independence
  • Ensure a quick recovery provided they are used accordingly and as prescribed
  • Cost effective while still providing the best quality offered
  • Durable and stable to ensure the safety of the user provided they use the products accordingly
  • Readily and easily available when needed